Studies show patient-centered medical homes (PCMH) help to cut costs, and PCMH patients need fewer emergency department visits, hospital stays and specialty care.

PCMH Congress presents tools and information needed to transform practices into an NCQA-Recognized medical home.




Introduction to PCMH 2017:  Background on PCMH and PCMH 2017

Tricia Barrett, NCQA Vice President of Product Design and Support, presents an overview of NCQA’s PCMH Recognition program, previews the PCMH 2017 program and leads a Q&A session.


MACRA outtakes from the 2016 Congress

Do you have questions about MACRA? PCMH Congress offers a MACRA Implementation Track. See the full agenda for more information on the MACRA sessions, and 10 other topics tracks available this year.

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Below is a collection of PCMH articles and information provided by our featured healthcare stakeholders. 


Managed Care Innovator, Michael S. Barr, MD, MBA, MACP

Michael S. Barr, MD, MBA, MACP, Executive Vice President of NCQA — architect of America’s most popular patient-centered model of care — recently sat down with First Report Managed Care to discuss the new process for NCQA recognition, which began April 3.

Dr. Barr is a member of the PCMH Congress 2017 Steering Committee, and will present sessions at the meeting in Orlando this November. His portfolio at NCQA includes performance measurement development and testing, contract/grant management, research, and collaboration across NCQA on strategic initiatives and programs.


The Patient-Centered Medical Home of the Future

Dr. Michael Barr, Executive Vice President of NCQA, participates in a Managed Care Q&A with First Report Managed Care, discussing the benefits of PMCH and PCSP recognition programs to payers, providers, and patients.


Quality Care: A Unique Perspective

First Report Managed Care interviews Margaret E O’Kane, NCQA founder and president, on how quality care has evolved over the last quarter-century, which significant hurdles have been cleared, and the challenges that remain.

Ms. O’Kane will welcome 2017 PCMH Congress attendees this year in Orlando, and will provide opening remarks.  NCQA-Recognized Certified Content Experts who attend are invited join Ms. O’Kane for lunch on Saturday during the conference.



Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition 

NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition is the most widely used way to transform primary care practices into medical homes.  Learn More


Recognition Program Resources

PCMH recognition is often included as a requirement in state and/or commercial payer incentive programs, and for entry into high-performance provider networks. This page provides resources to practices pursuing NCQA Recognition through one of the medical home neighborhood or clinical recognition programs. Learn More  


Recognition Seminars

Ready to learn more about joining the transformation? Attend an upcoming introduction to the concepts and recognition programs brought to you by NCQA.